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Top %1 team in Central Asia for digital product development. We scale professional product managers and founders of startups to the global market.

More than 2000

Developers use our products
in 7 countries

To 30%

Increased productivity


Alumnis and community members
@Devs_kz in telegram and Youtube CenterTOC

Products & services

Collaborative ML systems & DevTools, AI product management trainings and acceleration programs for Turkiye & Estonia

Development of collaborative ML systems

Collaborative ML systems, simulation decision support systems for Fintech, Logistics and EdTech industry.

Product research and analytics

We conduct quantitative and qualitative research

Prototyping for startups and corporations

We develop prototypes as projects of software (software) products and with the participation of hardware (hardware)

Korkyt Ventures (startup accelerator)

We will help you get a pilot project in Turkey and Europe. Let's prepare for fundraising.
We work According to the methodologies of ITIL v4, Cobit, Lean Startup and others used in Europe and the USA.

Scaling to global markets with CenterTOC family

International certifications and partners

Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) official partner

CenterTOC is the first top five partner of Bureau of Continious Professional Development (AIFC BCPD) since 2020.

Internships and accreditations

CenterTOC is an accredited representative of Google for Developers, Mind The Product (Product Tank) and Singularity University. Internships at residents of Astana hub, IT-Park and Dubai International Finance Center are available.

We are in Media

AI Principles and Product development

AI/ML Product Management (BA/SA, Agile Project management, Product marketing & Data analytis)

• Diagnosis of specialist knowledge and identification of problem areas.
• Individual selection of prof. development taking into account qualification requirements and campaign strategy.
• Instructors - certified practitioners with international experience in product management, data analytics and Agile methodologies


Employees and alumni Google, KPMG, StartupWiseGuys, KBTU, TalTech, Huawei

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Report from the MENA Product Managers Meetup in Dubai.

There are many job seekers. Looking for a job through Linkedin. The design of the linkedin page plays a role. […]

Products Conf Central Asia | Digital Careers & Ventures report

On July 20, 2023 CenterTOC, SingularityU Almaty & ProductTank Astana jointly with Korkyt Ventures & GDG Almaty conducted first Products […]

Illusions and realities of Middle Eastern Tech. Personal Observations

1.6 billion USD venture investments in Turkiye in 2022. In Kazakhstan, 60 million USD (according to my calculations, 25 times […]

Design challenges technology, technology inspires art

Design challenges technology, technology inspires art. Figma ежегодно организует крутую конфу. На ней недавно выступил CEO AirBnB Brian Chevsky с […]

Сколько продлится взрывной рост количества ИТ школ? Какова ситуация на мировом рынке?

Сколько продлится взрывной рост количества ИТ школ? Какова ситуация на мировом рынке? Ответ: Пока будет мечты у людей, столько же […]

Проект участников программы CenterTOC вошел в топ 100 Google Solution Challenge

Проект BeJomart разработан студентами КБТУ с Алматы: Альтаир Кабдрахманов, Азат Амен, Дина Казиева и Акнур Каппарова. Через онлайн платформу нуждающиеся […]

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