Report from the MENA Product Managers Meetup in Dubai.

There are many job seekers. Looking for a job through Linkedin. The design of the linkedin page plays a role. Those who don’t have a photo often don’t even get an answer. ~30 meetup participants. Almost everything in India. Three from Arab countries, one from Kazakhstan.

Representatives of India who are in the city have a higher education, sometimes even a master’s degree. A couple of people tried to find work in the UK. They say the number of applicants for 1 vacancy is even higher there. Man tried to rent an apartment in London. I went to look. When approaching the apartment there was a line of 20 people. Bought a ticket went to Dubai. There is an Arab who worked on a startup at Y Combinator in the US and decided to come back. The main employers here are large local American companies. Many people build Super Apps. Uber inc (Careem brand) and others.

The main topics that people discussed today. How to find an internship and a job. How to write a user story, how to control developers and AI. Almost no one discusses blockchain anymore. People Profile: Most without engineering experience. There are people from different fields. But we are convinced that engineering experience is a small plus.
More details here: July 30, 2023. Text by Askar Aituov.

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